Long Island’s #1 Thai Restaurant

Lemon Leaf has been dedicated to delivering a high-quality Thai food experience since we opened our doors in 2007 and has been reviewed by The New York Times. At Lemon Leaf in Long Island, diners savor popular and traditional Thai dishes – including Pad Thai or the mouth-watering Lar Nard with a small bowl of sweet Thai tea to sip on. You will find a wide selection of Thai curries to add to your lunch or dinner. We look forward to serving you soon!


“My wife and I dine at Lemon Leaf Thai Restaurant once a month. We love the spring rolls and the calamari salad. The service is always fast and friendly too!” – Dan Carrington, Owner of Brentwood Appliance Repair

“Suburban American Thai food, cooked with care and confidence, can be a lovely thing. At Lemon Leaf Thai Restaurant, you may not swear you’re in Bangkok, but you should feel glad to find yourself in Mineola.” – Joan Reminick, Newsday

“This is an unassuming but good restaurant. I usually get takeout but I have been to the restaurant three or four times. They have tasty Thai food with good service and even better prices. The restaurant is usually half empty but that means service is good. This is definitely more of a takeout/delivery place but the sit down restaurant is nice and has a nice atmosphere.” – David Saenz, Local Guide

What is Pad Thai?

Lemon Leaf Thai Restaurant specializes in Pad Thai. The Pad Thai on our menu is our signature dish and the most ordered item at the restaurant. Learn more about Pad Thai here:

Food is one of the important parts of life. Healthy and tasty food served on the table is one of the most important things. One of the most delicious dishes that are served and loved by many is the Pad Thai. it is one of the authentic Thai dishes you will find today.

He has a long history in Thailand and has a lot of interest around the world. Basically, these dishes are made of fried pasta. There you will find different types and you can use chicken, beef or seafood. If you prefer not to eat meat, you can find a recipe for tofu.

This national dish is characterized by a long history dating back to earlier centuries. Pad Thai admires the originality of Thai culinary art, using fresh ingredients and the best ingredients only and balancing five basic flavors. Fried noodles are popular because they are delicious and can be added in a range of spices that satisfy your appetite.

In history, Pad Thai evolved into two different styles: classic and diverse. The classic Pad Pad is a fried noodle with bean sprout eggs, red chili pepper, tofu, shrimp, fish sauce and tamarind juice, decorated with peanuts and coriander, while the other style is relatively dry and light. It’s easy to find the latter in street shops and dominates Thai restaurants in the West, but the newly created classic Thai Pad in its original is the way to do it.

Many people like this recipe and a lot of people are looking for the best Thai recipes online. If you want to try Thai recipes and present them to your family when you meet or want to spend a weekend with friends, this is the best option because it is loved by many people. The taste, smell and ingredients can leave an appetite.

People of old age love the Thai recipe because this food is easy to cook. It can also satisfy hunger and is the cheapest food in Thailand. Can make one share of the Thai pillow stomach full, because the ingredients found in the Thai recipe are pasta, tofu, chicken perfectly connected. You can even add more ingredients if you like, as you choose.

Pad Thai always attracts people because of its wonderful taste. The only thing that the Thai recipe contains is the taste, mix, taste or food itself, one thing is certain is that it is the favorite dinner of many Thais.

To cook the Thai recipe at home, you need ingredients: salt, eggs, bean sprouts, lemon juice, Thai rice noodle pad, tomato sauce, brown sugar, fish sauce (you can buy fish sauce from the grocery store), peanut oil, ground garlic, Chopped and chopped peanuts. To make a Thai recipe pillow, boil the water first in a pan and add the bean sprouts to it. Cook for a few seconds, and dry. Then cook pasta in another pan.

When the pasta is cooked, dry it and rinse with cold water. Beat the eggs in a bowl and add a little salt. In another bowl, add lemon juice, brown sugar, fish sauce, and tomato sauce and you are still fine. Heat the peanut oil in a pan, add the garlic paste with hot oil and fry for a few seconds, add the red leaf flakes and grated carrots and cook for a few minutes.

In another pan, add a few drops of peanut oil and add the beaten eggs and mix gently. When boiled eggs are mixed with cooked whole ingredients. Garnish with adding a little lemon juice to get more flavor. Your family and friends will love this Thai recipe.

long island new york

About Long Island New York

Long Island is the city found in the backyard of new York which has most resort towns and cultural centers. When visiting the long island, it gives one relaxation and rests among a list of things you can do there. You can stroll through the quaint downtown and thrill at the outlet stores and boutiques. When you visit lone England New York, here are things you can do there.

1. Sand, Sun and Surf

There are sparkling beaches which border the waves towards the south and towards the north at the quaint villages. You can sunbathe at the Jones beach vast stretches, surf at Montauk waves, or even take nearby top concert. You can visit Robert Moses Park for sports and picnics, swimming and the place is not so crowded like other beaches. There is fire Island for a favorite vacation that contains both sand, sun, and surfing activities. You can visit quiet shelter beaches for relaxing while in Long Island New York City.

2. Line, Hook, and Sinker

Long island east coast are some saltwater lakes which are the best fishing point for fishers. All fishing enthusiasts the outdoor and indoor ones wilL get their sound fortune waves. The inshore waters have striped bass, flounder and mackerel, and bluefish. At the offshore, there can be swordfish, tuna, and shark to catch. You can also walk towards the shallows so you can get your fists calm sizes. The long island also has top-rated fishing charters, more water sport rentals, fishing tournaments, and you can also kayak, jet skis, paddle board, and boat there.

3. Wine Country At Long Island

The place is the best for sipping and swirling since it has more wineries and vineyards where you can find your favorite variety. The area is also known as the major center for the vinifera premium grapes, and the region is among the top ten worldwide for wine production. The place has east end benefits during the long growing season, moderate temperatures, maritime climate, and average soil condition.there are above 500,000 wine cases annually being produced from long island. Its popular varieties are cabernet sauvignon, riesling and sauvignon blanc, merlot, among more winning awards blends.

4. Gold Coast

Here is a world-class gold coast museum at the new York city north sores of long island with a beautiful bygone era. The place was built at the roaring twenties, during opulence where about 200 of 500 original estates and mansions are surviving till now. The site at gold coast mansions can offer more breathtaking splendor for everyone. There are, however, more private homes still where others are wide opened for free advertisements.

5. Having Family Fun

When you visit long island new York city with your family, then you will create and enjoy more fun together. There are museums and aquarium areas to take your children to and enjoy the scenery together. You can take your kids for the historic site which contains more information which includes the secret place for men and women that ferried information at the revolutionary war season. There are Puppet Museum and theater to see the show, climb onto the among the 25 lighthouses at the island, thrill with your family for concerts and sports events around the Coliseum at the Nassau Veterans Memorial.

Never lack what to do in long island new York city when visiting there, the above are among the main fun things you can experience.